Mission statement

Mission statement 

EC stands for Ethical and Compliant and so do we. We are in the market to give a service for both sides of the table.  

As a US institution it takes a big commitment to recruit international and in our minds, there’s a lot to think about when you make that commitment as well during the process.  

Every country or region has its own culture and history which obviously reflects on the athletes, the clubs, coaches, parents and federations – national team programs. 

Some see it as an investment to send their athletes. Others will do “what ever it takes” to keep them home. 

Once you find the athlete that can contribute to your program we believe there is more than just the best player to the best program. In order to perform and develop there needs to be chemistry and social skills in place. 


When we are evaluating talent, we will also be looking at soft and social skills, how do they perform away from home and do they understand the importance of being a team member and contribute off the court as well as on. 


In the process we also make it clear to the athlete that they are getting an education, and they will be asked to perform in the classroom and make an effort. What major they are looking at could impact on what schools they should be looking at as well.