There are different things you need to knowrules to follow and study in order to make the recruiting process as good as possible for you 

A major part of our service is to guide you through this process and make sure that you will end up with a smooth process that will lead and guide you to make a good strong decision and a great fit for you as well as the school. 

Step 1:

  •  Go to Eligilbility Center (NCAA registration guide) We would like to point out that the academics and the amateurism need special attention 

Step 2:

  •  Register for test: 

– SAT/ACT: and on App: “Daily practice for the SAT”. Most international studens chooses SAT. You need a SAT score in order to be able to visit (officially-paid by) the US  schools 

– TOEFL(test of english as a foreing language): Some schools reguires it. It can depend of your grades. 

Step 3:

  •   Your current grades might need to be translated for the NCAA to be able to determine your eligibility and for a school to qualify you. 



NCAA has a recruiting calendar that clearly states when and how it is legal for a coach to reach out to you. Even how often. 

Visit a school 

When you have a test score it is possible to go on an official visit to a school.  

You can visit a total of 5 schools officially and the schools are allowed to get 12 visits in your class, year. 

An official visit will usually give you an insight on academics – you will get a chance to meet academic people from the school and maybe even sit in on a class. You will get to spend some time with coaches and players.