Recruiting Guide

Step 1:

  • EC recruiting registration and consent, create a profile.

Step 2:

  • Player profile:

       -Your EC registration will become the data part of your profile.

       -The profile is created from input from you, your coach and EC Recuiting.

       – Video links/highlights and full game film.

Step 3:

  • Go to Eligibility Center (NCAA registration guide) We would like to point out that the academics and the amateurism need special attention

Step 4:

  • Sign up for tests:

       – SAT/ACT: App: “Daily practice                            for the SAT. Most international students chooses SAT. You need a SAT score                          in order to be able to visit (officially-paid by) US schools.                          

         – TOEFL(test of English as a foreign language):

           Some schools require it. It can depend of your grades.

Step 5: 

  • How do I get recruited?

          -To gain interest, you need create videos on you as a player.

         – Get seen on tournaments or games

         – Contact EC Recruiting for further assistance