Recruiting Guide

You want to play college basketball – we understand! But where to start?

Being recruited by a college coach is challenging and it is a long process. Many other high school students go with the same dream of playing basketball at the college level, however, there are only so many spots to fill so many teams. 

Out of American high school basketball players, only 3.5 % of boys’ basketball players and 4.1 % of girls’ basketball make it to play in college. 

Unfortunately, the process for an international player is even more challenging. International players simply don’t get the same exposure as the American players and therefore, it’s more difficult to be seen by colleges recruiters.

Now don’t get discouraged – That is why we are here! We want to help international players take the leap from Europe to the US to play collegiate basketball. Many international players have great success stories playing collegiate basketball and maybe you’re next?

Keep reading and see what steps you can take to become an international student and basketball player at an American university.

Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide that can give you an overview on the process for an international student to become a collegiate student and basketball player


Start by registering to EC Recruiting


Create your EC Recruiting profile

  • Your EC registration will become a part of our player database
  • The profile is mostly created by you, however, you can ask for help form your coach and EC Recruiting
  • Add links to full game film and highlight videos


Create an NCAA-account

  • Go to NCAA Eligibility Center and create an account
  • You will need to apply for a Certification Account to be recruited for NCAA Division 1 and Division 2
  • This application will take about 25-30 minutes
  • There is a $150 application fee

OBS! We would like to point out that the academics and the amateurism sections need special attention


Sign up for tests:

OBS! We recommend looking at test-dates as early as a year in advance, as there are limited test-dates and test-places in Europe.  


Sign up and read the full step-by-step guide

  • There are many more specific steps to being recruited but you will get the full overview of this if you just sign up for EC Recruiting
  • Click here to sign up